“When men and mountains
meet, great things

Terra dei Briganti is a family-run artisan company from Abruzzo, which was founded in 2017 in Roccamorice, in the green heart of Majella.
Enhancing local products, keeping alive the recipes and ancient traditions that are linked to the mountains is our will and goal. We take inspiration from the tales of the past about highwaymen and their deeds to make liqueurs with a contemporary flavor.
Our liqueurs are born out of love and passion for Abruzzo and its ancient liquor tradition. A strong passion that drives us toward continuous research and selection of the best raw materials to obtain products of great quality and recognized craftsmanship.

“The Majelletta was, not so long ago, land of the Brigantes.”

The Brigands’ Table

One of the oldest testimonies that the Abruzzo mountains preserve in this regard is the “Tavola dei Briganti,” a set of limestone slabs on which shepherds and brigands carved their names and stories, leaving a mark of their presence.
The Briganti Table is located on the Majelletta, just beyond the village of Blockhaus, Roccamorice and is also famous because at its foot grows the famous gentian, one of the oldest plants in our territories, whose use dates back to primitive peoples.
The brigands, who usually hid in the most inaccessible woods and caves, knew every nook and cranny and every secret of this ella of the mountains, and it is said that through these places they, too, discovered the benefits of the famous gentian plant.