There's a Brigands-based cocktail for Every Occasion

Here is our original drink list. 7 cocktails created especially for Terra dei Briganti by bartender Cristian Gabrielli of Caffè Salotto in Roseto. Each cocktail is made with one of our spirits for a sensory journey that will take your taste buds on an unprecedented adventure.

  • Black Velvet

    A cocktail with a strong character, Black Velvet with Brigand's Licorice combines the intensity of licorice with the freshness of red fruits.

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  • Brigantello

    A cocktail with a unique character, Brigantello combines the vibrancy of lemon with the delicacy of alchechengi for an unforgettable taste experience.

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  • Donna Luigia

    A cocktail with a refined character, Donna Luigia with Brigant Gin combines the acidity of lime with the delicacy of Italicus and

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  • Gen-Z

    A cocktail with a lively character, GEN-Z with Gentian with Montepulciano Wine from Brigante combines the sweetness of red fruit vodka with

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  • Gentian Mule

    A cocktail with intriguing character, Genziana Mule with Brigante Gentian combines the liveliness of Brigante gin and green apple liqueur with the

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  • Brigand’s American

    A cocktail with a refined character, the Brigante's American combines the intensity of Gentian in Brigante Barrique with the delicacy of white

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  • Ratafia Orange

    A cocktail with a fruity character, Ratafia Orange with Ratafia Terra dei Briganti combines the vibrancy of Absolute Raspberry with the freshness

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